Dutch stamps of traditional Dutch treats

If you receive mail from the Netherlands, you may soon see some tasty postage stamps on the envelope. The Dutch mail service, PostNL, has recently released a new sheet of stamps called "Nederlandse Lekkernijen", or Dutch treats. The stamps have pictures of Bossche bollen, kersenvlaai, stroopwafels, and Zeeuwse bolus, as well as other regional specialties.

What a great way to promote regional products!

What is your favorite lekkernij?


  1. A creative idea. Wish I can have a stamp collection like that!

  2. ja deze serie postzegels is echt leuk hè?! Jammer dat ik bijna nooit mee postzegels gebruik. Een favoriet kiezen is onmogelijk...dus kies ik er gewoon drieL Bossche bol, suikerbrood en de bolus!

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