A Dutch dinner party!

I love three day weekends! It gives me a little bit more time to do something extra: I sleep in a little bit longer, I pull out a recipe of two I've been wanting to try, or I kick back with a book or a magazine. But the best thing about three day weekends is that it gives me one more evening to plan something to cook. And a Dutch dinner party sounds just like the ticket!!

How about we start with an appetizer while the guests arrive? Maybe some bitterballen and diced Gouda cheese on a platter, with good mustard of course!

When people are finally seated, start with a witlofsalade, or a light soup such as groentensoep met balletjes. That's easy enough. But now comes the hard part! What vegetable are you going to serve? Boerenkool met worst is wonderful but perhaps a bit too casual? How about a traditional gehaktbal met jus, cauliflower and cute little boiled potatoes? Or hachee with mashed potatoes and rode kool met appeltjes? And don't forget those delectable slavinken!

Finish your dinner with hangop or vla, whether it's hopjes or vanillevla. And how about an appelbol, or kersenvlaai with your 8pm coffee......Sounds like a splendid evening!

What would you like to see on the menu?


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I just wanted to let you know I love your blog! I'm planning on having Dutch themed Eat With dinners and you're blog provides lots of inspiration. And makes me smile because it's so recognizable

  2. Aww, I was hoping this would be about gourmet and all the dipping sauces! Not that there's anything wrong with your dinner party, but I remember gourmet being so much fun! If my friends found out my family was doing gourmet that night, they had no hesitation inviting themselves over!

    1. Aya, you are right! Gourmetten (it's actually a verb now!) is a lot of fun! Thank you for suggesting it, I will write up a post with recipes and ideas for people who want to organize a gourmet Dutch dinner party!


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