Friday, December 23, 2016

Vrolijk Kerstfeest !!!


  1. Just found your blog and LOVE it! Six of my seven grandparents were born in the Netherlands, so Dutch fód is in my blood as well as my hubby, although his family immigrated mUchiha before that. Around here, there is a special Dutch Spiced Beef that we really love. Have you heard of it?

  2. Hi! We came looking for a Deventer koek recipe. My Dutch physicist friend was telling me about it! Thank you, C Kauer.

    1. is my reply address. Thank you kindly, C Kauer.

  3. I am so glad I found this blog. I went to the library just today to try to find Dutch cookbooks, they didn't have any. My ex is Dutch and we have two children. My mother-in-law was a really good cook. She had many recipes from the Holland. However, they have all disappeared. I make some of them. Like stew (the mashed one), I don't know how to spell it or even pronounce it correctly. I make round steak cooked in the dutch pot, etc. However, my ex was always telling me about the condiment that the Dutch use to eat french fries. Could you let me know what that is? Also, I know that this is correct, but I love "Bokepopojas"(?). A cookie that we used to get from the Dutch grocer (now longer around). It was a small almond cookie, put together with chocolate. It was in two small pieces and the chocolate in the middle and the ends and sprinkled with almonds. They are so good. I have had a lot of Dutch food and love it. Thank you.


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